Exclusive Discount:

Get a 10% instant discount with Federal Bank Credit Card on select products across various categories.

Offer Duration:

The offer is valid from 18th December 2023 (00:00 Hours) to 23rd December 2023 (23:59 Hours).


Enjoy the discount on a minimum cart value of INR 2,000, with a maximum discount of INR 500.


For mobiles, the minimum cart value is INR 10,000, with a maximum discount of INR 1,500 on each card.

Other Categories:

Minimum cart value INR 5,000, with a maximum discount of INR 2,000 on other categories.

Savings Limit:

You can avail a maximum discount of INR 2,000 per Credit Card across sitewide categories during the offer period. 

Travel Bookings:

Planning a trip? Use promo code "FLYNOW" for Domestic and International Flights in the Travel category. 

Transaction Exclusions:

The offer is not valid for Corporate or Commercial cards. It does not apply to Internet Banking or UPI transactions.

Terms and Conditions:

The offer is subject to various conditions, including minimum cart values, eligibility criteria, and more. 

Cash on delivery की परेशानी भूल जाओ! Amazon का UPI क्रेडिट फीचर आपको तत्काल आइटम खरीदने की अनुमति देता है जो आपके बैंक बैलेंस से अधिक हो सकते हैं।